Scrumptious Offerings from the best Italian Restaurant in Knoxville

For the best Italian Restaurant in Knoxville, you can count on Naples to deliver the freshest and most authentic Italian food on the planet whether you have your heart set on a big bowl of spaghetti, or a mouthwatering plate of veal scaloppini.


Even if you have a small appetite, you can still indulge in a delicious home cooked meal from the oldest and most established Italian Restaurant in Knoxville, Naples. Start with a small Antipasto plate and complete your meal with a mouthwatering Beef and Spinach Cannelloni.


If you do have a big appetite, order a course or more. Begin your feast with a scrumptious bowl of Minestrone followed by a Tuscan Wedge Salad. Top off your soup and salad with a tantalizing plate of pasta and order an Italian Restaurant in Knoxville speciality like the Lamb Osso Buco or the Chicken Saltimboca for your fourth course. Best save room for desert from the best Italian Restaurant in Knoxville as you will want to sample the authentic made in house Spumanti Ice Cream, the Chocolate Ravioli or the Key Lime Chess Pie.


When it comes to fine dining at affordable prices in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, you will not find a better Italian Restaurant in Knoxville than Naples. Book your table today.

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