Knoxville Italian Restaurant for Lunch and Dinner

The finest dining is usually the Knoxville Italian Restaurant that has been around the longest and that is certainly the case with the most well-known Knoxville Italian Restaurant in the Great Smoky Mountains, Naples.


For decades, Naples has been feeding hungry patrons the finest and most authentic food that puts any other Knoxville Italian Restaurant to shame.


Come into the best Knoxville Italian Restaurant for lunch or dinner and get ready to be impressed. Take an extended lunch break and enjoy a delicious plate of Caponata before digging into a mouthwatering bowl of Fettuccini Alfredo. Short on time? No problem, just order a meatball sub or a Green Goddess lobster Panini to go.


If you want to surprise your better half with a night out on the town, you can’t do better than Naples Knoxville Italian Restaurant. You and your date will be treated like royalty the minute you step through the door. Start your meal with a tantalizing appetizer such as Almond crusted brie followed by a nice sized order of veal picatta, the ravioli of the day, or roasted duck, and don’t forget to save some room for dessert.


Whatever the occasion, you will not do better than Naples Knoxville Italian Restaurant, call and reserve your spot for lunch or dinner today.

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