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There is no cuisine richer, heartier and more celebrated than Italian fare. At Naples Italian Restaurant, we deliver Italian classics that invoke the warmth and rusticity of mama’s kitchen. Genuine Italian cuisine is meant to fill the heart and the stomach, and that is exactly what we strive for with every plate that’s served from our kitchen. Expert chefs and courteous staff make the Naples experience a truly cozy one, like dining at home without doing any cooking yourself. We’re the perfect spot for birthdays, anniversaries, or even “just because.” Let the Naples Italian Restaurant family be the highlight of your day, today!

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Benefits of Hygienic Wall Cladding for Restaurant Kitchens

When it comes to running a commercial kitchen in a restaurant, cleanliness and hygiene should be your number one priority. We are living in a period where health and safety should be the main concern of any business. However, it can be a mountainous task to try to stay fully compliant with various requirements and regulations. To ensure that you maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene PVC hygienic wall cladding provides a hygienic, attractive, and easy to clean solution for your kitchen walls in a restaurant. Hygiene standards that are poor could potentially give a restaurant a bad reputation, and even be closed down for poor health and safety standards, so the best solution is hygienic wall cladding. An unhygienic kitchen is the making breeding ground for bacteria to grow which could lead to a customer becoming ill. In a busy kitchen, a large quantity of food is being prepared so it is important to have a well-maintained kitchen that is easy to clean. Many kitchen restaurants may have traditional wall materials such as stone, wood, or even brick which is more likely to become dirty with splashes of food and fat. Hygienic wall cladding is the ideal solution for your kitchen.

So, let’s take a look at the benefits of the hygienic wall cladding for your restaurant kitchen.


It is a very important element of running any kitchen environment is the hygiene maintenance which is one thing any business cannot ignore. With a hygiene wall cladding, it is ideal for keeping your kitchen clean. Any food splashbacks will show up very clearly on the wall surface. It is easy to clean just simply wipe down with hot soapy water or a cleaning product. Unlike tilling in a kitchen, it is harder to maintain as the grout areas can become dirty very easily and will harbour bacteria.


Unlike tiles, wall cladding is much bigger which makes it cost-effective to install. Less preparation as with tiles you need grouting materials and more tile products. Wall cladding eradicates the labour cost associated with laying individual tiles, which results in a quicker installation.


Hygienic wall cladding is long-lasting, durable, and impact-resistant which is essential in the running of a kitchen restaurant. Other alternative methods like paint or tiles can become cracked or damaged over time. They are made from PVC which is hard wearing and durable. It is highly resistant to rust, stains, and corrosive making it the ideal choice for any kitchen.

Fire Resistant   

Like any kitchen preparing food comes with hobs, gas, deep fat fryers, etc. so there can be a risk to a potential fire. So, ensuring that the surrounding areas are fire protected is essential. Class 1 fire rating is that wall cladding will allow no surface spread of flame and class 0 provides an extra level of protection, limiting combustibility.

Modern appearance   

Wall cladding will give your kitchen a modern, neutral, and professional appearance to the overall look of your kitchen. Wall cladding that is clean and bright of silver stainless steel or white uPVC will give a great impression immediately to those who enter the kitchen.

No shedding   

Plasterwork or old paint can cause debris from flaking off the walls which would, in turn, fall onto the floor and kitchen worktops. With hygienic wall cladding, you will never have to worry about this.

Minimal Maintenance   

Hygienic wall cladding requires little to no maintenance to keep them looking great and working well. Unlike the other traditional wall covering materials such as paint or tiles, cladding is a lot easier to keep clean as spillages or stains from food splashes will show up very clearly. For your long term running of your restaurant, you will less likely need to replace, repair, or even find them in a poor state.

Can be purchased online and bought with confidence   

Wall cladding can be purchased online making it ideal if you have little time for visiting businesses looking for suitable wall coverings for your restaurant. No matter what you are looking for, this type of wall covering is easy to install, easy to maintain and lasts longer giving you confidence when purchasing this product.

Why Hiring a Cleaning Company is Important for Restaurant Owners

If you own your own restaurant it is crucial you have a clean workspace and surrounding areas at all times. Restaurants are locations where the environment, atmosphere, and the overall appeal of the surroundings play a very important role in your success. Just as any commercial cleaning company would say, people love to drink, eat, and enjoy the atmosphere they feel comfortable in and a significant part of this is having your restaurant in pristine condition and germ-free. It seems pretty easy but there is a lot of work involved in keeping your establishment in tip-top condition from the bars, windows, all surroundings of the restaurant that is why hiring a cleaning company is essential to keep your business in pristine condition. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should hire a cleaning company and let them take care of the work for you.

They have the experience 

As a restaurant owner, it would seem pretty unrealistic and time-consuming if you were to show your employees how to specifically clean areas of your restaurant and what cleaning products to use but how effective would it really be. Hiring a cleaning company, they will not only have the experience but they are well trained in how to clean a restaurant in an efficient and effective way. They also have the knowledge and top of the range equipment and cleaning products to get the job done right.

Health and Safety  

Hygiene is crucial in any restaurant especially with places where food is being served like in the kitchen and service to customers in the restaurant. Health and safety for both staff and consumers are essential. Health and safety inspections on the premises could uncover areas that may not have been found or cleaned which can cause a lot of stress for an owner. So, with the help of a regular cleaning company, any unexpected situations can easily be prevented and they will also keep you within the hygiene standards that are required.

Will save you time   

Whether you are a new establishment or have been around a while, there is no doubt that having more time in a day would help with the running of your business and kitchen operations so having to clean your own premises is quite time-consuming. A cleaning company can take care of everything for you at a time that suits you and let you take care of all the important aspects of the restaurant like paperwork, food preparation, stock ordering, and much more.


A cleaning company is reliable and will clean your restaurant when it was scheduled and on time. Even when your business is busy the professional cleaners will be there and available whenever you need.

All dirty work can be done   

When it comes to the running of a restaurant, not all staff members are fond of some of the jobs, like scrubbing toilets, floors, or even taking out the bins. Whereas a cleaning company provides this type of service every day. They will never hesitate to get the job done and always finish to the highest standards where possible.

All hard to reach areas will be cleaned   

It is not often that some staff members will clean behind tables, restaurant equipment, and floors. These areas are often overlooked when cleaning due to the inconvenience of having to move the objects. If these areas have not been cleaned for a while and overlooked, they probably could do with a deep clean. Hiring a company to clean your business nothing will be overlooked creating a cleaner environment preventing bacteria and germs from growing in your restaurant.

They have modern and the latest cleaning equipment   

Hiring a professional company to clean your business and restaurant will have the latest and up to date equipment designed to not speed up the job but to get it done to perfection and always guaranteed great results every time.

Customer Satisfaction   

For a restaurant to be successful, you need more than just good food. Customers like to dine in a restaurant that is pristinely clean, nice lighting, and tidy. It is never a good look and can create a negative review from customers if your restaurant is grubby, untidy, and dirty. Having a clean restaurant will boost your reputation. Customers will notice that you have put in the work to keep your restaurant in tip-top condition. So, by hiring a cleaning company the entire restaurant will be thoroughly cleaned including all spots that may have been overlooked. Its appearance will be very attractive to the consumers which they will truly value and appreciate in the long term. Customers will also give your restaurant a great review and it will entice them to return to your restaurant again.

Ducts and clean air systems   

Any restaurant should be safe, clean, and have good heating and cooling systems. Your air conditioning systems should be cleaned out thoroughly from the inside out and this may be difficult for the staff who may not be familiar with the job or know what to do. A cleaning company will have trained cleaners that are skilled and know how to properly clean these heating and cooling systems keeping them free of debris and dust. Customers can simply relax and enjoy a comfortable environment, clean air, and good food in your restaurant.

Surrounding areas outdoors 

Many dining restaurants will have an outdoor seating area or even a smoking patio which would need deep cleaning on a regular basis also. A clean and well-maintained outdoor area is very important to customer experience which means washing and cleaning the outdoor seating, sweeping of the floors, and cleaning of the umbrellas. All of these can be carried out by a professional cleaning company to ensure the highest standards where possible. Especially during the summer months, this area should be cleaned thoroughly not just for appearance purposes but also for bacteria and pest control.

Where To Go For Amazing Italian Food In Dublin

Dublin is a great place to be when you want an amazing meal. Whether you are looking for traditional Irish fare or curry, you can find just about any type of restaurant in Dublin. If you love Italian food, you are in luck because there are so many amazing Italian restaurants in the area.

Nothing tastes better than Italian food. It is highly cravable and the food tastes amazing. It really hits the spot and it makes you feel good and satisfied. You get to choose from a variety of amazing restaurants and it is easy to find what you need when you are looking for good Italian food.

How To Choose The Right Italian Restaurant 

When you are looking for the best Italian restaurant in Dublin you need to take your time and read the reviews of the different restaurants. Reading reviews is crucial because the reviews are packed with useful information that is going to help you choose where you want to eat.

Look for a restaurant that is easy to get to so you don’t have to spend too much time travelling to get to the restaurant. You also have to make sure that the restaurant is in your budget range. You can find Italian restaurants that are going to fit every budget so take the time to think about how much you have to spend and how much you want to spend.

You have a lot of choices so take your time and think about how much money you actually want to spend on your meal. Finding the right restaurant doesn’t have to be hard when you are willing to take the time and look for the right types of restaurants.

Read The Menu First 

Most Italian restaurants put their menu on their website. This allows you to browse the menu before you even go to the restaurant to ensure that the food is something you really want. You can look at the prices and take a look at all of the offerings before you choose where you want to go.

Reading the menu is fun and it can make you even more excited about the meal. If you feel pressure to choose your meal when you are in the actual restaurant you will enjoy having this little bit of preparation first. You will know what you want before you go and you can even budget for the meal. There are so many benefits to doing things this way.

Knowing what is on the menu saves time and it helps you feel good about your decision. You have more options when you do this so make sure that you consider this option when you are looking for what you want to eat. Look over the menu and think about what you want to eat before you get to the restaurant.

Best Italian Restaurant For Seafood 

If you love seafood and you love seafood pasta, in particular, you are going to want to visit Rosa Madre. This restaurant the place to go for fresh seafood. As soon as you step foot in the restaurant you are going to be greeted with a huge display of fish.

This restaurant is in Temple Bar and it has a lot of character. You get to walk down the cobblestone streets and the restaurant is tucked away in the bar, but the food is truly amazing and you get to enjoy some of the best seafood so it is really worth trying this restaurant if you need to get your seafood fix.

Eat And Learn To Cook At The Same Time 

If you are looking for a restaurant that allows you to eat some amazing Italian food and also offers cooking classes then you will want to visit Pinocchio. This restaurant is also in Temple Bar. You can enjoy fantastic food. You also have the option of taking a team cooking class where you can cook and drink wine. The cooking classes are a lot of fun and they allow you to be creative in the kitchen and learn new things. You can take what you learn and apply it to your cooking classes at home.

Where To Get The Best Pizza 

If pizza is your thing you will want to make sure that you visit Manifesto. The manifesto has the best pizza in Rathmines. You won’t find better pizza and there are a ton of options.

Nothing tastes better than pizza and when you want a pizza that tastes great it is important that you visit the restaurant that has the best pizza. You have a lot of choices at this restaurant and it is going to be easy to find the item that is going to work for your needs the best. They only use the freshest ingredients and you have so many choices with this restaurant.

Eating out is a lot of fun and you don’t have to worry about being bored when you eat out. If you are serious about looking for some great places to eat you need to make sure that you visit the restaurant that is going to suit your needs the best. Dublin is a great place to be when you want to enjoy some amazing restaurants and you have a lot of different options. You can choose from a variety of delicious restaurants so make sure that you are taking the time to plan the best meal.

Also, if you are in Dublin and looking for food trucks, we would highly recommend

How to Tell if an Italian Restaurant is Authentic

Authentic Italian fare is incredible. It’s rich, it’s hearty, and it speaks to the world’s shared love of delicious meals. Unfortunately, finding a real Italian restaurant can be a struggle in some parts of the world. There are many “Italian-like” restaurants that serve up cuisine that they claim is authentic, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. But that may not be their fault – what is and is not authentic in terms of Italian food is widely debated, with many misconceptions coloring the subject.

Below we’ll tell you some signs that point toward a restaurant being disingenuous about its authenticity. Of course, that doesn’t make a restaurant bad if they fall short of the mark. But if you want a truly Italian experience with your meal, consider the information below.

How to Spot “Fake Italian” Restaurants

There are some things that non-Italians have been led to believe are indicative of genuine Italian cuisine. This is, in no small part, due to the “bigger is better” approach that many of us take to the food we enjoy. While they may still provide delicious food, if the restaurant boasts qualities like the ones we’ll list below, it’s likely not real, authentic Italian.

Portions are Enormous

In Italy, the portions are generous, but they aren’t ridiculous. Plates piled high with pasta, meatballs the size of your fist, and super-thick breadsticks are not calling cards of genuine Italian fare. This is a trait of “Americanized” Italian food, as America is quite well known for a love of bigger plate sizes.

Cheese and Sauce are Abundant

One of the things that make Italian dishes so great is that Italian chefs know that less is sometimes more, and simplicity really allows for their food to shine. While Italian cheeses and sauces are among the best in the world, a real Italian chef knows not to smother everything in them, but rather to use cheese and sauce to highlight the dish.

Spaghetti, Spaghetti Everywhere

If every pasta dish is made with spaghetti noodles, you’re not dealing with truly authentic cuisine. Different sauces pair better with different noodles, which any experienced Italian chef will know and implement into their menu.

Everything is Covered in Garlic and Butter

Did you know that garlic bread isn’t an Italian thing? It’s an American invention that has become such a staple in “Italian-like” restaurants that people have been led to believe that garlic bread is authentically Italian. In truth, garlic isn’t used as much as you’d expect in Italian cuisine when it’s done right.

Now, these characteristics don’t mean that a restaurant is “bad” or not worth visiting. But if authenticity is the name of the game, keep an eye out for ridiculously sized, ridiculously cheesy portions that have been drowned in sauce.

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